Time Delay Relays
Littelfuse acquired SSAC in 2014, a timer manufacturing industry leader known for its reliable designs that provide long service lives with low maintenance costs. SSAC has been an industry leader since its inception more than 40 years ago. These reliable designs allow SSAC to back products with an impressive 10-year warranty.







Our versatile multifunction time delay relays give you the option of choosing among functions and time delay ranges to ensure that you receive the perfect timer to fit your needs.Simply select the function and time range you desire on the face of your unit.

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Our electromechanical relay-output time delay relays are available with a number of different features, including: delay-on-make, delay-on-break, single shot, interval, and recycle. All of our relay-output time delay relays assure isolation between input and output, as well as no voltage drop across output contact.

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Solid State

Our solid state time delay relays benefit from featuring no moving parts to arc and wear out over time, giving them a lifespan of up to 100x that of a relay-output timer. In addition, all of our solid state time delay relays are fully encapsulated to protect against shock, vibration, humidity, etc.

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Application Guide

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