TTape Platform Application Note

Li-Ion battery packs require thermal monitoring not to exceed safe operating conditions or result in battery cell degradation.

Existing temperature sensors, particularly conventional NTC Thermistors, lack the rapid response time and accuracy needed for critical applications.

The TTape™ platform provides the opportunity to place many sensing points throughout a multi-cell pack increasing temperature monitoring spatial resolution and simplifying the installation process. 


  • Simple integration with existing BMS solutions complementing NTCs
  • No calibration or temperature look-up tables needed
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive for simple and quick installation
  • AEC-Q200 qualified


  • Over-temperature monitoring of many cells or large area with single MCU input
  • Helps the MCU to wake from sleep mode at overtemperature events
  • <1s response for temperature monitoring
  • Extremely thin device suitable for conformal installation
  • Increased spatial resolution of temperature monitoring


  • Li-ion battery packs
  • Large area, distributed, temperature sensing

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