Safeguard Your Workers In Any Wet Environment
The Littelfuse Industrial Shock-Block™ SB6100 is vital where people, equipment, and water are present. This product is the first and only ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) to be listed UL943C Standard for People Protection. Additionally, it is the only GCFI device on the market that monitors the continuity of the ground circuit. 




Introducing the
Industrial Shock-Block™ SB6100 

The Industrial Shock-Block™ SB6100 GFCI is the perfect product for protecting personnel from electrical shock where standard GFCI breakers and receptacles have never been available. Among other benefits, the SB6100 also:

- The fuses provide overcurrent protection for a 100 A circuit and higher short-circuit rating (SCCR) of 50 kA.

- Prolongs the life of the internal contactor by offering undervoltage, brownout and chatter detection

- Features Automatic Self-Test

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Industrial Shock-Block™ SB6100 Quick Study Module

The Industrial Shock-Block™ SB6100 has been upgraded with advanced features. Get a more in-depth look at these product upgrades and application examples by viewing the Quick Study Module.

How Does The Industrial Shock-Block™ Work?

The SB6100 detects leakage current and interrupts the circuit, significantly reducing or eliminating the shock potential. One key part of the additional safety features is that the SB6100 also monitors the ground wire from the SB6100 to the load for continuity. If the wire is broken or becomes loose, the SB6100 will signal an alarm and interrupt power.


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Industrial Shock-Block™ Protects
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