Firmware Update Version 3.10 for SE-330, SE-330AU, SE-330HV

Welcome to the Littelfuse SE-330 Family firmware update page. Please take a moment to fill in this registration form with contact information for the person responsible for maintenance of protection relays and/or electrical equipment at your facility.

Your registration also allows Littelfuse to contact you directly in the future for critical updates, notifications, and feature enhancements to the SE-330 product line and other relevant messages. Littelfuse is excited to release firmware update 3.10 for the SE-330 family. This synchronized update for the SE-330, SE-330AU, and SE-330HV means that sensitive open- and short-circuit detection is now available for neutral-grounding resistors (NGR) up to 72 kV.

With this update, the SE-330AU provides earth-fault protection as well as NER integrity monitoring that is AS/NZS 2081:2011 compliant (Sections 6 and 8 respectively). For Canadian applications, both the SE-330 and SE-330HV can now be used to provide NGR monitoring compliant with CE Code Rule 10-302. For all units, a new special flash pattern on the DIAGNOSTIC LED allows electrical staff and inspectors to confirm that code-compliant sensitive NGR monitoring is configured and activated.

To review hardware compatibility and all changes provided in firmware update v3.10, click the Product Change Notice button below.

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Product Change Notice