Achieving Electrical Safety By Design

Designing safety into plant and facility
electrical systems

Creating a safe work environment and reducing accidents are critical to any industrial facility. Electrical incidents damage equipment and create downtime, but even worse, injure and kill people.

Typically the first line of defense is PPE, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most effective. It’s become clear that there is a need for greater controls to reduce both the risk and incidence of electrical hazards. Both prevention and elimination are far more effective and there are certain safety control points where components can be used to design safety into plant electrical systems.

Download the White Paper to learn how incorporating both new electrical components and upgrading components in older facilities will greatly improve overall electrical safety.

This white paper covers:

green-square-bullet Reducing risk of electrical shock
green-square-bullet Reducing incident energy levels
green-square-bullet Stopping arc-flash situations before they stop you
green-square-bullet Updating for safety in older facilities
green-square-bullet Using remote diagnostics to avoid exposure to panels 


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