LED Lighting Design Guide

ESBU-2-coverLED lighting applications are seeing significant growth due to technical innovations, legislation and increased demand for energy efficiency. 

Explore the latest LED lighting industry standards, product information, circuit diagrams and links to application notes and videos using this all-new, interactive LED Lighting Design Guide. The guide’s interactive features enable you to quickly find the answers to your LED lighting design questions and review details whenever needed.

Learn about:

  • Typical LED lighting designs for a variety of applications
  • Industry standards that affect the safety and reliability of LED lighting designs
  • Protection devices most often used for LED driver and power converter circuits
  • Testing required to insure compliance with industry standards
  • How to select protective devices so that LED lighting circuits will pass the industry standard tests

The Littelfuse LED Lighting Design Guide is a good resource for designers of LED residential retrofit lamps and outdoor luminaires.

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