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Arc-Flash Safety


Understanding Arc-Flash Mitigation, Assessment Importance, and IEEE 1584-2018 Updates Short description: Learn about the importance of arc-flash assessments in your facility, new updates to the IEEE 1584-2018 guideline and what arc-flash mitigation solutions provide the best return on investment.

Arc-Flash Mitigation Methods and Return on Investment


With a minimal investment of a few thousand dollars, you can save tremendous costs in lost equipment, downtime and production, as well as the risk of employee injury or fatality.


Electrical Safety by Design


In this webcast you will learn about designing for electrical safety to reduce incident energy levels, apply remote diagnostics to avoid exposure to panels, stop arc-blast situations before they stop you, update safety in older facilities, and reduce electrical shock in wet environments


Misconceptions of Shock Safety


Littelfuse surveyed people who work on electrical equipment and asked them about their experiences, training, and protection methods. During this safety month webcast, we will share key findings from the survey, misconceptions of electrical shock in the workplace, the importance of risk assessments, and areas to improve safety training.


The Evolution of Shock Protection in the Workplace


Shock protection in the workplace can come in many forms but is most effective when implemented by design. This presentation will focus on a specific engineering safety control that has saved thousands of lives and significantly reduced the number of electrocutions in the workplace (and at home).


Arc-Flash Video Playlist



Interactive Experience



White Papers

Key Considerations for Selecting an Arc-Flash Relay
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Survey Finds Need for Increased
Safety Awareness

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Neutral Grounding
Resistor Monitoring

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Achieving Electrical Safety By Design

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How to Determine and Increase SCCR for Industrial Control Panels
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short circuit current rating




Keep Safety, Not Currents,
Close to the Heart

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