Eliminate Electrical Hazards with Littelfuse Products

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the two most common electrical hazards in industrial environments are electric shock and arc flash. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) reports that there were 2,480 non-fatal electrical injuries and 134 electrical fatalities in the United States in 2015.

The best way to reduce risk of injury from electrical hazards is to design in safety from the start. Safety is a good investment. Upgrading components such as current-limiting fuses, arc-flash relays, industrial GFCI, and Bluetooth® enabled relays to design in safety need not be expensive and the return on safety investment is well worth it. Littelfuse products protect your employees and equipment from electrical hazards. Our products don’t just reduce hazards but eliminate them.

Achieving Electrical Safety by Design

Check out our new technical information to learn how incorporating both new electrical components and
upgrading components in older facilities will greatly improve overall electrical safety.

You'll learn

  • Reducing risk of electrical shock
  • Reducing incident energy levels
  • Stopping arc-flash situations before they stop you
  • Updating for safety in older facilities
  • Using remote diagnostics to avoid exposure to panels

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Download the Whitepaper

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