Ethernet Protection Design Guide

Discover the considerations and selection criteria involved in choosing the most appropriate circuit protection components for Ethernet-equipped applications.

This 34-page design guide describes categories of Ethernet (including PoE - Power over Ethernet), and presents example circuits, applicable standards, and recommended components.

Littelfuse, the global leader in circuit protection, created this resource for electronics designers to guide them in protecting Ethernet circuits and equipment from electrostatic discharge (ESD), lightning, power faults and other electrical transient threats.

The Ethernet Protection Design Guide includes sections on:

  • Ethernet Basics
  • Introduction to PoE
  • Overview of Testing Standards
  • Recommended Littelfuse Protection Devices
  • Protection Guide
  • Data Line Protection
  • PoE PD (Powered Device) Protection or PoE PSE (Power Supply Equipment) Protection 

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