Eight Sensor Considerations for Your Next Appliance Design

When selecting sensors, do you know the right questions to ask? 

Design engineers and purchasing professionals need to look beyond price and delivery when specifying sensors for a new appliance design. It’s essential to know the answers to these questions before placing an order:

  • Are the vendor and manufacturer the same organization?
  • Does the vendor offer a broad range of sensors that address all of your requirements?
  • What other kinds of components does a specific sensor supplier offer?
  • Does the sensor supplier offer application engineering assistance?
  • Does the supplier offer custom engineering and development capabilities?
  • Can the sensor supplier guarantee sufficient capacity to handle large orders reliably?
  • For magnetic sensors, does the supplier also provide the magnetic actuator?
  • Is the sensor manufacturer involved with industrial standards development efforts?


This white paper also includes a section on making sense of the five different types of sensor technologies.

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