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Protection for Motors
Motors are consistently the largest single cause of industrial and commercial fires, and the cost of downtime and repairs can be quite significant. This is why it is so vitally important to protect motors from overloads, jams, phase loss or unbalance, heat, heavy start-ups or excessive operational cycles. Ultimately, the importance of effective motor protection cannot be overemphasized. Littelfuse offers a wide variety of products to meet any level of motor protection need.

What Level of Protection is Right For You?



A basic level of protection is provided by monitoring the voltage going into the motor. Without protection, faulty conditions can cause motor windings to overheat and burn motor insulation - causing premature motor failure.

  • Protects against: over/under voltage, phase loss, reverse phase, unbalanced voltage, and rapid cycling.
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In addition to all the voltage/phase protection above, you may wish to monitor the load side, log events, and view conditions on a display in real time - ideal for troubleshooting.

  • Second set of voltage inputs monitors voltage on the load-side of the motor contactor to detect contact failure.
  • Keeps history of the past 20 fault causes including voltages and unbalance at the time of the trip.
  • With Informer-MS, wirelessly download and view fault history, read real-time voltages per phase, voltage unbalance and more.
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This enhanced overload relay combines all the voltage/phase protection features above into an overload relay with on-board display and optional communications.

  • Underload protection to keep pumps from running dry or motors from running unloaded
  • Easy programming
  • Real-time voltage/current readings and fault codes

  777 MotorSaver™   777 PumpSaver™





What's better than best? Littelfuse has a broad line of advanced motor protection relays that provide awesome protection of expensive motors in critical applications.
  • Provide voltage, current, and temperature protection
  • Metering and data-logging for three-phase low voltage medium horsepower induction motor
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Protection for Motors



Watch the video above to learn how to economically protect your low-voltage motors and pumps from damage caused by heavy operational cycles, overloads and jams. 
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